FOR HEROES... it is not only a marketing slogan, it represents the values we stand for. As simple yet as complete when you think about its meaning. Firefighting it is not just a job it is a service to others. It means risking your life to save a life of another person. It means helping those who are in need and you are their only hope. It means to be a HERO. But even HEROES have families, children, parents who wait for them every day and expect them back HOME from every mission. That is why when it comes to your safety, do not compromise, expect the best protection you can have, all in one place.
FOR HEROES it is the philosophy of "one stop shop" for all those who are expecting the best possible protection and yet reasonable price and affordable solution.
We believe that every HERO deserves the best when it comes to PPE and that amount of money you can spend for it does not matter. Your health and life is all what matters, not the fashion brand or complicated product names.
We are the integrated manufacturer of complete set of PPE's from head to toe and we offer the best components used in the industry together with dedicated design and professional manufacturing. We value the customer's time and money that is why we offer all necessary products made and certified by our company under our brand FHR - FIRE AND HEAT RESISTANT.
Please have a look at our factories and quality testing facilities and check out our complete product portfolio on the website.



Rubber boots <br> production factory
Rubber boots
production factory
Leather boots<br> production factory
Leather boots
production factory
Rescue boots<br> production factory
Rescue boots
production factory
Protective clothing<br> production factory
Protective clothing
production factory
Mirta Kontrol<br> testing facility
Mirta Kontrol
testing facility



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